BJP National Secretary in-charge of party’s Kerala Affairs Muralidhar Rao said on Saturday that the wealth of Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple belonged to the deity and none should be allowed to take it away.

Inaugurating the BJP State Committee meeting here, he said the temple got national and international attention following the finding of wealth from the temple vaults, prompting foreigners to think that India is a developing country with poor policy frame work and mal-administration.

“The wealth in the temple was not generated through any kind of exploitation. All the valuables were the offering to the deity by the devotees,” he said.

Praising the Travancore Royal family for their integrity and devotion to their family deity, he said the rulers always knew of their riches, yet never touched them. They ensured that the valuables remained safe, and supplemented the collection over the centuries.

He said the party was watching various political developments in Kerala and it got the impression that the influence of communal forces in the Government has increased alarmingly. These communal forces were trying to shape the destiny of the State to their needs, creating a mismatch. The party would raise the issue by unifying farmers, fishermen community and tribals in the State.

Stating that party would fight against corruption, he said the party was planning to mobilise people against the Centre’s anti-poor policies and issues including price hike of petrol, diesel, LPG, essential commodities and FDI in retail trade.