The amicus curiae appointed by the Supreme Court in the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple case, Gopal Subramaniam, will submit a situation- report on the ongoing inventorying of the temple vaults and other related aspects to the court in 10 days.

Speaking to journalists here on Saturday, Mr. Subramaniam said the judges of the Supreme Court hearing the case were “deeply concerned with preserving the heritage of the temple.”

Consequent to meetings with parties to the case and visits to the temple, he was able to gather a lot of material, including “foundational material” about the temple.

The preservation and restoration of the temple would be the prime objective.

He said, “I hope my work will help in preservation of the temple and ensure that its glory is sacredly protected. I have a lot of work to do and little time.”

Mr. Subramaniam said he was able to see the process of inventorying of the vaults’ contents. The Supreme Court had chosen very able people for this work.

“I feel humbled by their work,” he noted.

He was able to see a sense of positivism among these experts. He did not give a direct reply when asked whether he went inside the temple vaults.

Anyone with a petition or a grievance was given time to see him, he noted.

Asked whether he was satisfied with the security at the temple, he said he was able to see part of the security apparatus surrounding the temple. Security personnel had been duly sensitised to the nature of their work. Based on discussions with police personnel, he would make additional suggestions for improving the security in his report to the Supreme Court.

“Many years ago I came to the temple with my mother and father. So, visiting the temple was also a personal experience for me,” he added.