A group of armed persons, suspected to be Maoists, attacked a man after entering his house at Pookkottumpadam, near Nilambur, in the early hours of Saturday.

The six-member group reportedly knocked at the door of Ambadan Kabeer, 34, around 3 a.m. When he opened the door, they entered the house. Mr. Kabeer reportedly told the police that when he tried to call the police on seeing the gang, the mobile signals were found jammed. The gang questioned him about the strength of the police personnel at the station, and the residence of the station officer. When Mr. Kabeer said he was not aware of those things, one of the gang members hit his head against the wall.

The gang then asked him for rice. When he said he did not have, they took sugar and tea from the kitchen. Mr. Kabeer reportedly called the police after they left the house.

Mr. Kabeer said there were two women and four men in the gang. All of them, except one woman, were in uniform, and four of them had fire arms in their body.

Mr. Kabeer identified four members of the gang for whom the police had issued look-out notices. They are Sundari, Lata, Shinoj, and Gopalakrishna. There were several instances of armed people confronting local residents and forest officials at different places in Nilambur forests in recent months.

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