If the people are ready to embrace small budget but good Malayalam movies, the Malayalam Film Industry will remain successful and will no longer have to compete with other film industries to retain its identity in its own State, said actor Prakash Raj .

Speaking to The Hindu on the sidelines of the 16th International Film Festival Kerala (IFFK) here in the city, Mr. Raj said that the strength of Malayalam Film industry was the small budget yet meaningful movies from the State.

"People say that Malayalis are arrogant in nature but I have found them as those who fight to retain their cultural values but adapt to the needed changes. This can be made true in the case of Malayalam Film industry. If the people of Kerala show support to such movies, the choice is made to save your own Film industry", he said replying to the trend of Tamil movies overshadowing the Malayalam movies in the Film Industry.

In his first ever visit to the International Film Festival Kerala, he said that he was never an outsider and remained connected to the Malayalam Film Industry by working with various eminent directors from the Industry. Film festivals, he said, has helped to increase the visibility of film culture to greater audience. The fact that the IFFK has been able to create this visibility for the past 15 years is a sign that the festival is a success.

Speaking about his acting career he said that to grow as an actor one should be able to challenge one’s own perception of acting and explore beyond their comfortable zone.

"The role of Vengadam in Kanchivaram was one such movie that changed my perception of acting. I followed the rules of the dreamer Priyan (Director Priyadarshan) whose dream was Kanchivaram", said Mr. Raj. The film went on to receive Best Film and Best Actor at the 55th National Film Awards.

"I have been recognised by the people of Kerala not because of my commercial films alone", he added

According to him the various training institutes for acting that are coming up in the country are only another business ventures to mint money. If one has the potential and is ready to take challenges, he can become a good actor.

He attributed his success career as a producer to his group of friends who supported his production ventures. The teamwork of his friends and members of the production house was the force behind the successful production of more than 15 movies. The production company Duet movies is named after his debut movie-Duet directed by K. Balachander.

He said that being an Indian Citizen, he cannot remain passive to the ongoing issue of Mullaperiyar Dam. "If the lives of so many people are affected, the Central Government should use its power to solve the issues", he said.