Minister for Electricity A.K.Balan has said that the State will move ahead without imposing power cut or load shedding even if the power crisis worsen from the present situation.

Talking to media persons in Thodupuzha on Monday, the Minister said that this could be achieved by enforcing certain controlling measures in power consumption without making any changes in the existing tariff.

The Minister said that the government is on a sustained move to make the State power-surplus within ten years by implementing micro hydro electric power projects in a time-bound manner and it will be achieved without causing environmental damage.

The State will make maximum use of non-conventional energy sources while measures for power saving is being implemented in a long term perspective.

The consumption of power remained at a high level due to climatic changes and fall in the quantity supplied from the Central pool, the Minister said and added that the extreme hot season being experienced by the State resulted in a sudden rise in the power consumption level. According to the Minister the power consumption went to a 56 million unit from the government's estimated calculation of 43 million units. He said that the crisis was also caused by the increase in the rate charged by the private companies even when the consumption level remained high in the State.

The Minister said that the extra-high tension and high tension consumers will be supplied 75 per cent of power at the present tariff and of the 85 lakh consumers, only 2.5 lakh consumers are above the consumption level of 400 units. The government was on a campaign focusing those who consume above 400 units to remain at a reduced level of consumption by enforcing power controlling measures.

He said that that the household consumers whose tariff is fixed at 200 units will remain in the same category and there is no proposal for increasing the charge per unit. The Minister said that surcharge will be imposed on consumers who consume more than 200 units and this is only a temporary measure to tide over the present crisis. The Minister said that the focus of the government is to reduce transmission losses in the long run and to ensure continuous and quality power supply by ensuring voltage stability.

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