Speaker G. Karthikeyan pulled up the members of the Assembly on Thursday for the lack of decorum they showed in the House immediately after the Governor’s Address.

“I don’t want to delve on the topic,” Mr. Karthikeyan said, shaking his head and expressing his displeasure in no small measure. “I am sure you all know how you should behave when the Honourable Governor is here to make his Address.”

After a pause, he reminded the members about what they all should have known. “You are not supposed to move from your position and are expected to stand there till the Speaker had escorted the Honourable Governor to his car and had returned to resume the chair. You are not,” he said.

What earned the members Mr. Karthikeyan’s displeasure was that, on his return to the House after escorting the Governor to the car, he found many members had moved from their respective positions to gather into groups to converse about diverse topics, disregarding the code of conduct they were expected to observe. Three or four members were even remaining seated.

It was not that there weren’t any members who were correct and exemplary in their behaviour. Leader of the Opposition V.S. Achuthanandan stood like a statue right from the time the Governor took leave of the House. He relaxed and sat down only after the Speaker had resumed the chair after escorting the Governor to the car.

Deputy leader of the Opposition Kodiyeri Balakrishnan was not far behind, though he was seen exchanging a word or two with others during the period. Chief Minister Oommen Chandy stood where he stood, but he was inclined to speak hush-hush with members who utilised the period share secrets with him.