The Kerala High Court on Friday expressed its displeasure over the failure of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) in seizing the expensive dresses used by Saritha S. Nair, an accused in the solar scam. Justice Harun-Ul-Rashid, while hearing arguments in the land grab cases, orally observed that the garments needed to be seized as she had purchased them using the money collected from the public.

The court was of the opinion that the investigating agency should have seized the clothes.

He pointed out that the police had revealed that Saritha had purchased apparels worth Rs.13 lakh utilising the money collected by promising installation of solar panels. Section 102 of the Cr.PC. empowers the police to seize the property in a cheating case.

When it was pointed out that the revenue officials had given undue favours to Salim Raj, who was allegedly involved in the case, the court asked why accused such as Saritha were allowed to live a luxurious life in the prison. When the Government Pleader vehemently submitted that the case of Saritha had no connection with the present case on hand, the court said it was making comments just like a citizen.

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