The two-month-long annual season of Vallasadya, a ritualistic feast, at the centuries-old Sree Parthasarathy temple on the banks of the Pampa drew to a close on Wednesday.

Traditional fervour and gaiety marked the closing ceremony. Hundreds of devotees from different parts of the State thronged the Krishna temple, regarded as an important Vaishnavaite temple in the country, to offer prayers to the deity.

Crew of nine palliyodams (snakeboats) partook of the sumptuous ritualistic feast, held after Utcha puja.

The boat crew were accorded a rousing reception, to the accompaniment of thalappoli and temple percussion, in traditional style, on their arrival at the temple ghats in snakeboats in the forenoon.

The devotees who offered the Vallasadya led the oarsmen to the temple premises and they circumambulated the temple, singing vanchippatu, songs in praise of Lord Parthasarathy.

District Collector Pranab Jyotinath formally inaugurated the Vallasadya by lighting a ceremonial lamp at the Anakkottil and serving the feast on a plantain leaf.

Lipin Raj, who has secured 224th rank in this year’s Civil Service Examinations, was among those who offered the feast on Wednesday.


Season of Vallasadya to end on WednesdayOctober 1, 2013

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