Samastha had threatened to work against certain IUML leaders, including E. Ahamed

The Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama has wrested a written assurance from the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) that the latter will not help the Samastha’s adversaries. The Samastha, on its part, has assured the IUML of its continued support.

The agreement between the Samastha and the IUML was reached at a meeting of their leaders at Panakkad on Monday.

The meeting was convened at IUML State president Syed Hyderali Shihab Thangal’s house at Panakkad following a silent threat by the Samastha against certain IUML leaders.

Kanthapuram faction

The Samastha had tacitly spread the news that it would work against certain IUML leaders, including IUML national president and Union Minister of State for External Affairs E. Ahamed, who were upholding good relations with the leadership of the Kanthapuram Sunni faction.

What provoked the leaders of the Samastha and its subsidiaries was the improved relation between the IUML and the Kanthapuram Sunni group.

Certain leaders of the Samastha were adamant that the IUML distance itself from the Kanthapuram Sunni faction, which is the enemy number one of the Samastha.

The IUML was quick to pacify the Samastha especially as the Lok Sabha elections were only a few months away and that Mr. Ahamed was likely to contest again.

Symbiotic relationship

The meeting decided that both the IUML and the Samastha would not do anything to tarnish or weaken the other. Instead, both will maintain a symbiotic relationship.

It was also decided that the IUML would help the Samastha whenever needed, and that it would not lend any help to the enemies of the Samastha.

The leaders of the Samastha assured that they would not do anything damaging for the IUML.

The meeting also decided that the IUML would consult the Samastha on matters of importance and would take decisions on larger issues relating to the community only after discussions with the Samastha.

Chandrika’s policies

The IUML also gave an assurance to the Samastha that the policies of the party mouthpiece, the Chandrika, would be changed in favour of the Samastha.

Syed Hyderali Shihab Thangal presided over the meeting.

IUML leaders Syed Sadikali Shihab Thangal, P.K. Kunhalikutty, K.P.A. Majeed, M.P. Abdussamad Samadani, and M.C. Mayin Haji, and Samastha leaders C. Koyakutty Musliar, Kottumala T.M. Bapu Musliar, Sayed Jifri Muthukoya Thangal, K. Alikutty Musliar, C.K.M. Sadik Musliar, Koyyod Umer Musliar, K. Mammad Faizi, Hameed Faizi Ambalakadavu, Mustafa Mundupara, Onampilli Mohammed Faizi, S.K. Hamza Haji, and P.A. Jabbar Haji took part in the meeting.

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