The Kottayam Municipality has provided thrust towards strengthening the distribution of drinking water and the waste management system through its budget estimate for the year 2012-13.

The budget, presented by Municipal vice-chairperson and chairperson of the Standing Committee on Finance Mayakutty John and approved by the Municipal Council on Thursday, expects a total revenue of Rs. 66,24,84,673 and a total expenditure of Rs. 61,18,85,805, with a surplus of Rs. 5,05,98,868.

The Municipality will soon implement a mini-water supply scheme with public participation in areas including Pullarikkunnu, Parambuzha, Muppayikkadu and Puthanagadi that suffers from acute shortage of drinking water. The budget has allocated an amount of Rs. 1 crore for the project.

Moreover, In order to lengthen the existing pipe lines used for supply drinking water, an amount of Rs. 45 lakh has been allocated.

In addition, a fund would be constituted in order to implement a rural water supply scheme that would distribute water from ponds that are being cleaned under the proposed scheme for the rejuvenation of ponds and other drinking water sources.

As part of the waste management efforts, the door-to-door collection system that was recently introduced in a few ward, will soon be extended to the other parts under the Municipality.

Moreover, the benefits of various schemes of the State Government meant for facilitating the disposal garbage at source will be provided to the public. Biogas plants will be provided with a subsidy of 75 per cent. This would include the 50 per cent subsidy that will be made available by the State Government. The Municipality will also make the setting up of biogas plants mandatory for buildings being constructed in the future.

The Municipality assures that the functioning of the waste treatment plant at Vadavathoor that has remained stalled will be recommenced during the current year. Ms. John brought to the notice of the Councillors that the garbage that had piled on the windrow platform of the plant has been removed by spending an amount of Rs. 3 lakh from the own fund of the Municipality.

In an effort to encourage better education in schools, the Municipality will soon institute awards for those schools that secure cent per cent pass rate in public examinations. Savings bank accounts will also be opened for students of every class up to the higher secondary level.

An amount of Rs. 1.5 crore has been earmarked for constructing a new office complex with modern facilities for the Municipality at Kodimatha. The active support of both the Central and State Governments have been requested for the venture.