The Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Mahatma Gandhi University, will conduct a series of lectures by renowned rheologist Rene Muller from October 26 to 28. The lecture series is part of the Erudite Scholar-in-Residence programme and is jointly organised by the Kerala State Higher Educational Council and the University.

Dr. Muller, Professor at the University de Strasbourg, France, is a pioneer in the field of Polymer Rheology. Dr. Muller's interest in Theoretical Rheology has resulted in several books that are deemed important in the field. In addition, he has invented the RMX device, which is a mixer based on Elongational flow. The significance and applicability of the new mixing device is evident from the collaborations of his group with various automotive giants such as Porche and Renault and Dow Chemicals. Dr. Muller has received numerous awards. He is the recipient of the prestigious ‘Young Scientist Award of the French Physical Society.'

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