In a rare cardiac surgical intervention, a team of doctors led by Dr. Sushil Chandran at Pushpagiri Heart Institute (PHI) have successfully removed a tumour from the left ventricle of a 12-year old boy.

Addressing a press conference at Thiruvalla on Wednesday, Fr. Thomas Kodinattumkunnel, Pushpagiri Medical Society chief Executive Officer, Fr. Santhosh Azhakathu, PHI director and Dr. Rajan Joseph Manjooran, medical director, said tumours inside the heart itself were rare and the one that was removed from the right ventricle of the boy’s heart was an extremely rare case.

The boy was admitted to PHI with rare manifestations of bleeding disorders a few days ago. The team of doctors at PHI evaluated him and detected a large mass growing inside his right ventricle, severely blocking the passage from his right ventricle to the pulmonary artery, said Dr. Manjooran.

The detailed Echocardiogram tests also hinted at the possibility of a tumour growing inside the right ventricle. Dr. Sushil Chandran, assisted by Dr. P.G. Koshy and Dr. Subramanian have successfully removed the tumour through an open-heart surgery that lasted four-and-a-half hours, said Dr. Manjooran.

Dr. Sushil Chandran said the modern blood bank with blood component therapy facility at PHI was a major factor that had helped the successful conduct of the highly complicated heart surgery.

The boy belonged to BPL category and the hospital authorities have decided not to charge any fee for surgery and admission, Fr. Azhakath said.