In spite of having nothing much to cheer about, the Railway budget has focused on the core limitation of the railway network in Kottayam by allocating funds for the doubling works.

The budget has provided Rs.32 crore for the doubling works on the Mulanthuruthy-Kuruppanthara reach and another Rs.15 crore for the Kuruppanthara-Chingavanam reach. The work on road over bridges (ROB) at Kumaranallore , Moolavattom and Cartias have also found mention in the budget, said Jose K Mani MP.

The ROB at Kumarallore has been allocated Rs.80 lakh while the one at Moolavattom received Rs.35 lakh.

The budget provides Rs.20 lakh for the ROB at Thellakom. The budget has also allocated token amount for the coach terminal at Kottayam which was announced during the last budget.