Kerala team matches his fingerprints with records provided by Jaipur police

Even as the Kerala police team confirmed Bittihotra Mohanty’s identity upon verifying records here, the man, who till Friday maintained that he was ‘Raghav Rajan,’ admitted to his true identity. According to the team’s findings, Bitti Mohanty had indeed been living a false life in Kerala’s Kannur district as Raghav Rajan, a trainee officer at the State Bank of Travancore.

The Kerala police established Bitti’s identity by matching his fingerprints with records available with the Jaipur police.

“His fingerprint and DNA records were matched and his identity was confirmed. He also admitted to being Bitti,” Jaipur police commissioner B.L. Soni told The Hindu.

“The original investigating officer and other officials associated with the case were called to Jaipur and they identified him as Bitti Mohanty, the person who was convicted of raping a German woman,” said Mr. Soni.

Till Friday afternoon, he had insisted he was Raghav Rajan, who had nothing to do with the crime he was accused of.

The Kerala police team arrived with him by train at 9.30 a.m. on Friday. He was then taken to the Transport Nagar police station, where the team spent over two hours perusing records.

“The Kerala police had called the investigating officer who was in charge of the rape case to confirm his identity. But Bitti kept insisting he was Raghav Rajan,” B.L. Vishnoi, Transport Nagar thana in-charge told The Hindu.

The visiting team then took Bitti to the Jaipur Central Jail to examine the records. It was there that the team finally tasted success in establishing his identity.

In April 2006, a fast-track court had convicted Bitti of raping his friend, a 26-year-old German girl. Later that year, he was released on parole for 15 days. After he jumped parole, a case was registered against him at Jaipur’s Lal Kothi police station.

Last week, seven years after he jumped parole, he was arrested in Kannur district, on charges of impersonation, forgery and cheating.