Kozhikode has too much to offer for the visitors provided the city preserves its rich heritage with deserving importance, Debashish Nayak, architect and advisor of the Heritage Plan of Ahmadabad Municipal Corporation, has said.

He was speaking at a seminar on ‘The role of City Corporations in the Management of Heritage Conservation' organised by the Alliance Club of Calicut here on Monday.

Mr. Nayak, who is also an advisor to the Indian Living Heritage Cities Network launched by the UNESCO, said “the citizens have greater role in maintaining the remaining cultural arcades of the city. It is a grim reality that the shapes of our modern cities are planned by officials who are less aware of the cultural and historical background of the region.”

Addressing the seminar, K. Gopalan Kutty, Head, Department of History, Calicut University, said “there should be collective move from the part of students, history teachers, lawyers and the media to protect and preserve the time-honoured heritage structures and monuments.”

A .K. Kasturba, member, Faculty of Architecture, NIT-Calicut, said “the natural assets and the beautiful landscapes should also be considered as part of our heritage for promoting tourism and to uphold our cultural eminence.”

Ashokan Alaprath, president of Alliance Club, presided over the programme. Mohammad Koya, former head, Department of History, Calicut University; and C. Ramesh, secretary of Alliance Club, also addressed the seminar.