The power bills of a wide range of domestic consumers who use above 40 units are bound to go up by about 12 per cent from Wednesday.

According to a revised tariff approved by the Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission (KSERC) on Tuesday for a year from May 1 to March 31, 2014, the revision for domestic consumers range between 10 to 50 paise a unit. On exceeding the 300 unit consumption limit, the consumers will enter a new gauging pattern. A seven per cent tariff hike has been approved for industries and the cost per unit will go up by about 50 paise.

Domestic consumers who limit their power usage within 40 units need pay only the existing rate of Rs.1.50 a unit. They will not have to pay the fixed charges either. The tariff for the first slab starting from 41 to 80 units has been fixed at Rs.2.20, from 81 to 120 units Rs.3, from 121 to 150 units Rs.3.80, from 151 to 200 from Rs.5.30, and from 201 to 300 units Rs.6.50. A uniform rate of Rs.5 has been fixed for consumers who use up to 350 units, Rs.5.50 for 400 units, and Rs.6 for 500 units. The rate per unit above the 500 unit limit is Rs.7.

The power charge for lift irrigation, pumping, and dewatering of farmers engaged in cultivating grains, vegetables, fruits and pulses will remain as Rs.1.50 a unit. The same rate will be applicable for orphanages, institutions run for the differently-abled and the terminally-ill. They have been exempted from the payment of fixed charges too.

The commission has carved a new group for farmers using the latest technology in tissue culture, mushroom farming, floriculture, and such others. They will get power at Rs.2 a unit. Different rates have been fixed for production-oriented and IT-enabled service units such as Akshaya and computer consultancy service units with SSI registration. The energy charge of industrial units has been fixed at Rs.4.60 and for IT-enabled units Rs.5 a unit.

The tariff for places of religious worship, government, aided or private educational institutions, libraries, government hospitals, X-ray units, laboratories, and mortuaries attached to government hospitals and those registered under the Charitable Societies Act has been put at Rs.5.10 up to 500 units and Rs.5.90 above 500 units. The tariff for private hospitals, clinical laboratories, X-ray units, and such others is Rs.5.50 up to 100 units and Rs.8.50 above 500 units.

The fixed charge of display lighting, hoarding, external illumination of buildings for publicity, and sales promotion purposes has been fixed at Rs.500 a month power charge at Rs.12.50 a unit.

As per the board estimates submitted before the commission for 2013-14, the board projected an income of Rs.8,478 crore and expenditure of Rs.11,237 crore. The revenue deficit was put at Rs.2,759 crore. Proposals were furnished for realising Rs.1,574 crore through tariff revision.

The commission approved expenditure worth Rs.9,546 crore and income to the tune of Rs.8,496 crore. A revenue deficit of Rs.1,050 crore was approved by the commission and consented to make up Rs.650 crore through tariff revision.