The postmortem report of Paul Muthoot George, murdered on Saturday, has been released on Thursday.

According to official sources, the postmortem conducted by Dr. Renju Ravindran of the Alappuzha Medical College, revealed that Mr. George had four wounds, two of them believed to have been the cause of death. The wounds were seven and eight centimetres deep into the body and one was near the neck. The other two wounds were not very deep. The victim also had a minor injury on his right leg.

The autopsy also found that Mr. George was heavily intoxicated during the time of death which occurred between 11.30 p.m. on Friday and 12.30 a.m. on Saturday.

Meanwhile, police sources revealed that a damaged mobile phone found from the murder site had led them to Kaari Satheesh. The suspect admitted on Wednesday that he stabbed Mr. George after a scuffle and argument over his driving away after hitting a motorbike. The mobile was completely crushed damaging the SIM card. However, the police claim that they traced the number and owner with the help of the Cyber Cell here. The connection was taken by Satheesh, and his mother's address was furnished for the process.

The damaged mobile and four other mobile phones, including that of Mr. George’s driver Shibu, are in police custody. The outgoing and incoming calls pertaining to these phones are under investigation.

Applications to get the 11 persons arrested on Monday into police custody for further investigation will be submitted on Thursday.

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