ACCI survey finds 20 per cent rise in tourism business in recent weeks

There are peak and lean seasons for tourism industry. The general election period is not usually considered as significant in the tourism calendar. But there are agencies which have seized the opportunity and added elections among the attractions on offer, inviting tourists from foreign countries to taste the democratic exercise being conducted in the largest democracy of the world.

A report brought out by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) says that the ongoing Lok Sabha elections have given considerable boost to the hospitality sector. Budgeted hotels, guesthouses and transport sector have derived benefit from the increased flow of foreign and domestic tourists.

Many tour operators are offering ‘election tourism package’ which includes visit to public rallies, poll campaigns, meeting party leaders and Election Commission officers, according to the report.

The commerce and industry body has concluded that the tourism business went up by 20 per cent in recent weeks, on the basis of a survey conducted on about 500 tour operators from various parts of the country.

There has been an increase of 10-15 per cent in the number of tourists from countries such as the U.K., USA, UAE, France and Singapore recently, coinciding with the electioneering.

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