From July 1, a mandatory but moderate fitness regimen for personnel in all districts.

In a move to tone up Kerala police, mandatory physical training, with yoga, four days a week, from July 1 has been prescribed for the personnel. The realisation that many officers do not possess the requisite physical conditioning is behind the move, sources say.

A recent directive by State Police Chief K.S. Balasubramanian says occupational diseases in officers have increased in recent times due to ‘work-related stress and inability to devote time for personal health.’

“This makes it essential to set apart some time each day for exercises,” he says.

The order says District Police Chiefs (DPCs) will organise physical training programmes in all police stations and police units under them.

All officers, including DPCs, police chiefs will take part in the exercise programme.

The exercise should be for 30 to 40 minutes, from 7 a.m. It will be optional for officers above 50 years of age.

Before the commencement of the programme all officers will undergo a medical check-up.

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