The United Democratic Front (UDF) liaison committee appointed a six-member subcommittee on Monday to suggest measures to be adopted with regard to the Pariyaram Medical College.

The UDF considered two major issues related to the administration of the medical college. One related to the alleged corruption on the part of the incumbent administrative committee and the illegal appointments that had been made in anticipation of a government takeover of the college. The second related to disposing of a High Court verdict related to bogus voters within a stipulated time frame.

The six-member subcommittee, with Communist Marxist Party leader M.V. Raghavan as convener, will examine the political and legal issues related to a possible takeover of the medical college. The government would examine the issue of weeding out as many as1,500 bogus voters. After this process is over, the issue of takeover will be considered. The committee has been asked to look into the political aspect as well.

During the discussion, Mr. Raghavan pointed out that the Pariyaram Medical College was the brainchild of the UDF. It was unfortunate that the Cooperative Department had not taken any steps to oust the administrative committee dominated by ‘corrupt’ people.

Addressing a press conference after the meeting, UDF convener P.P. Thankachan did not directly answer questions related to a government takeover. He said that senior leaders such as Mr. Raghavan wanted the existing committee to be disbanded and fresh elections conducted. There were also issues related to the State government’s financial commitment in the event of a takeover. Even though there were huge liabilities, the Pariyaram Medical College had high value assets, he added.

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