A father’s bid to put his son’s life on the fast track is coming apart in ways that he never visualised.

Mohammed Nisham, a businessman, is now facing charges under Section 23 of the Juvenile Justice Act (cruelty to a child) and various sections of the Motor Vehicles Act for allegedly encouraging his underaged son to drive. Nisham was arrested and let out on bail after he uploaded on Youtube visuals of his nine-year-old son driving his Ferrari. Youtube registered over one million hits after the news of the father drove his son and himself into international fame.

According to the police, the clippings show Mohammed Nisham’s son driving the Ferrari F430 Scuderia on a private road inside the colony they live at Puzhakkal here. The boy was at the wheel on his ninth birthday two weeks ago. His five-year-old brother was in the passenger seat.

The Peramangalam police have referred the case to the Kunnamkulam First Class Magistrate Court and submitted a report to the District Child Welfare Committee. The committee is expected to summon Mr. Nisham, who is engaged in tobacco and plantation business, as part of its investigation.

Mr. Nisham’s worries may not end there. Customs officials from Kochi called on Thrissur police to ascertain whether he has violated Customs regulations in the purchase of the car in question.

“Investigation reveals that there was no criminal intent behind letting the child drive the car,” said R.K. Jayaraj, Assistant Commissioner of Police, who is in charge of the probe. “Nevertheless, it is a case that needs to be tackled seriously. The man had got the video uploaded on Youtube with the help of a friend. The car can be accelerated to a top speed of 340 km/h. A wrong move by the boy could have proved costly. Two lives were clearly in danger. Moreover, the father sent a wrong message to the world through Youtube,” Mr. Jayaraj added.

The investigator, however, pointed out that the boy need not be blamed.

“A nine-year-old is unaware of the rules and laws. Children merely obey what elders ask them to do. Blame his parents. The case should drive home a message to parents across the world,” he said.

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