As per the decision of the traffic regulatory committee, a new traffic system will be in place in areas under the town limit from Tuesday. Aimed at reducing the traffic jams being experienced, especially during the peak hours, only auto rickshaws having permission in the 29 auto stands in the town, will be allowed to conduct services in the town area. Those auto rickshaws conducting services during night time should report to the police station and those residing in the panchayat limit will be given permission to conduct regular services in the town.

It has been noticed that unauthorised auto rickshaws that flourished recently in the town and are often conducting taxi trips.

Only one-way traffic will be allowed from Edassery junction to the new bus stand. Special parking areas have been allotted for pick up vans and four wheeler taxis. From Sangeetha junction to the head post office junction, vehicles will be allowed parking only on the left side without hindering the traffic.

Auto rickshaw drivers will be given identity cards in addition to the special number for auto rickhaws. Buses will be allowed to take passengers only at the marked bus stops in the town.

Panchayat president Johny Kulampilly said that it was decided at the traffic regulatory committee meeting to take strong action against those breaching the traffic regulations. More traffic police will be deployed in the busy junctions to book the traffic violators, he said.

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