Even as police authorities repeatedly state that the investigation into the Paul Muthoot George murder case is progressing in a commendable manner, the First Information Report prepared by the police in connection with the case has revealed a few disparities with what the police have been saying from the beginning.

Vinson M. Paul, Inspector General of Police (Ernakulam Range) had stated a press conference held here on Tuesday that a bag was recovered from the Ford Endeavour, which was allegedly driven by George just before he was murdered. The bag, according to Mr. Paul, was recovered after the vehicle was found abandoned near Chavara the day after the murder and contained a shaving kit, toothbrush and similar items. There was no lady’s bag, contrary to earlier reports that one such bag was found in the vehicle.

However, the FIR, which was leaked to the media here on Thursday, has no mention of any bag being found in the car and mentions only toll receipts, hotel bills, a few photos of George and his friends with cinema director Siddique, a few compact discs and so on.

The FIR also does not mention any credit card or driving license belonging to the absconding Om Prakash. Police officers had earlier stated that a license belonging to Prakash and one which had blood stains on it was found in the car.

Interestingly, the police has registered a case based on the statement provided by Shibu, the driver of George. Shibu clearly states in his version that the attack was pre-planned and carried out by people who clearly had enmity with George. However, the police told the media that the murder was a result of road rage, which occurred after George drove off without stopping after hitting a motorbike.

What senior police officials reiterated on Thursday too was that there was no evidence of any conspiracy and that no witness, Shibu and the injured Manu in this case, had even hinted at the possibility of any conspiracy.

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