Munderikkadavu as well as nearby areas in the district has to be protected to develop it into a bird sanctuary with the involvement of local bodies, according to a report prepared by birders on the proposal for conserving the area as a bird sanctuary.

The findings and the recommendations of the report came up for discussion at a seminar organised in the Munderi panchayat hall here on Monday. Munderikkadavu that formed part of the Kattampally wetland area has been seen as a biodiversity treasure house as it is estimated to have over 18,000 bird flocks which include over 60 species of migrant birds. According to the report, the possibility of developing Munderikkadavu as a bird sanctuary can open up immense eco-tourism possibility for the panchayat. The seminar on the report was organised to draw an action plan for conserving the area as a bird sanctuary with the co-operation of the Tourism and Forest Departments and the district panchayat.

The report was prepared by a group of volunteers headed by birdwatcher Khaleel Chovva. The group included science club members and science teachers in the Munderi Government Higher Secondary School as well as social workers and members of the panchayat council.

Delivering the keynote address at the seminar Dr. Chovva said that Munderikkadavu has all characteristics to be declared as a Ramser site. He said that bird habitat in the area as well as its natural resource management and potential for development as bird sanctuary was now being subjected to an elaborate study. Among the birds found in the area included the sea-gulls, quails, storks, wild ducks, common teals and tuffed ducks, among others. The report also finds that the wetland is rich with 60-odd species of fish and warns that the increasing quantity of solid and biodegradable waste in the areas could endanger the biodiversity of the area.

District panchayat vice-president T. Krishnan inaugurated the seminar. Panchayat president C. Shyamala presided. District panchayat member P.K. Shabareesh and block panchayat member M.P. Muhammadali were among those present at the seminar.