The second engineer, who was admitted to a hospital here with severe burns after the blast at one of the generators of Moolamattom power station, died on Wednesday morning.

K.S. Prabha, 48, of Jalaja Mandir, Vellaroor, Injamoola, Thiruvananthapuram, was first admitted Kolenchery Medical Mission Hospital and then shifted to Ernakulam Medical Centre, with more than 60 per cent burns. He was admitted to the Burns ICU and died by 10.30 a.m., hospital sources said.

Two engineers had suffered serious injuries in the accident that occurred on June 20 evening. Merin Isaac, 26, of Thekkolakkal, Poomala, Thodupuzha, who was injured along with Prabha, died on June 25. She also had more than 60 per cent burns.