Monsoon timetable for trains running via the Konkan railway will come to effect from June 10 and continue till October 31,.

The following are the changes in the train timings:

Train No.12617 Ernakulam- Nizamuddin Mangla Express will leave Ernakulam Junction at 10.45 hrs. instead of 13.05 hrs. The departure timings at main stations are: Shoranur (13:05hrs.), Kozhikode (15:05 hrs.); Kannur(16:55 hrs.); Mangalore Junction (19. 50hrs.).

Train No.12620 Mangalore Central-Lokmanya Tilak Matshyagandha Express will leave Mangalore Central at 12.50 hrs., instead of 14.40 hrs. Train No.12134 Mangalore Junction-Mumbai CST Express will leave Mangalore Junction at 16.45 hrs. instead of 14.00 hrs. Train nos.16337/16338 Okha – Ernakulam Expresses will be partially cancelled between Hapa and Okha.

Train No. 16346, Thiruvananthapuram-Lokmanya Tilak Netravathi Express, will arrive at Mangalore Junction at 00.05 hrs. and depart at 00.15 hrs.

There will be no changes in the timings of other trains, as per the Railway timetable.