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Updated: February 8, 2012 20:01 IST

Media urged to avoid negative journalism

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N.R. Narayana Murthy, Chairman Emeritus of Infosys. File photo: Thulasi Kakkat
The HIndu
N.R. Narayana Murthy, Chairman Emeritus of Infosys. File photo: Thulasi Kakkat

Chairman Emeritus and founder of Infosys N.R. Narayana Murthy has urged the media “to put some curbs on negative journalism as it is disgusting to see every day on front pages reports of crime, corruption and violence.”

Talking to mediapersons at the Sobha Academy at Panniyankara, near Vadakkumchery, on Tuesday, Mr. Murthy said “since India is becoming a world economic power, the media should give importance to reporting about the developments taking place in various fields.”

He said “there are positive developments taking place that could end poverty and hunger in the country. The media should report these developments to create positive thinking among the people on the potential and greatness of this country.”

He said India is considered as an emerging world economic power. This is the time all of us should think how to take this progress forward and make it a permanent feature.”

Replying to a question on popularising the teaching of English language, Mr. Narayana Murthy said “in the present global scenario, learning of this international language is inevitable as it is the link language for the international community to interact with one another.”

So along with learning other languages, English should be taught and popularised to get the country integrated with the global world, he said.

Earlier, addressing the students of Sobha Academy, Mr. Narayana Murthy said “we should ensure that every child has enough to eat, medical, educational and housing facilities.”

He said his definition of success is to “bring a smile on the face of people when you enter a room. If you make yourself compassionate, then people will be happy to see you. It is important to remember that you need not be rich and powerful to help someone. All that is required is the care for others. Make sure that you are nice and friendly with them.”

Sobha Academy chairman P.N.C. Menon attended the talk.

Mr. Murthy was given a rousing welcome by the primary schoolchildren with patriotic songs.

The students belonging to the poor families of Kizhakkencherry and Vadakkencherry villages that were adopted by Sree Kurumba Trust are given free residential education. Those who were present at the meeting include Trust Directors A.R. Kutty, Col. (Retd) V.K. Balan, Academy chairperson Nalini Chandran and others.

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From this article, it is absolutely clear that Medias significance in
this 21st century is very very important and therefore medias should
carry out their responsibilities with more care and vigilance.
Instead of going to fill in the newspapers/channels with mere reports
pertaining to crime, corruption and violence, medias should report
things in a wider perspective such as the whole round developments
which have been happening in our country. There is no doubt, India
has been becoming an economic power. Everything has positive and
negative aspects. Try to imbibe the positive things and ignore the
negative so that prosperity can be achieved in all fields.

Posted on: Feb 9, 2012 at 13:32 IST

India has made great strides during the past few decades and the country can be proud of that. The comments made by Mr Narayana murthy, becomes very relevant in this background. We can progress further, if all the political parties can march ahead with a gross national purpose and get rid of the negative approach , in the larger interests of the nation. In a country with a vast population, it will be difficult to. Solve all the problems at one stretch and this aspect has to be realized by the entire
populace. The blame game practiced by many may not pay dividends as well. The fourth Estate also will have to play a positive role for the meaningful role at this juncture. When The whole world is watching the growth of India in several fronts( not all ), we should not Fight among ourselves, to retard our advancement and simply highlight the failures to Belittle the nation. Thought leaders like MR murthy deserve bouquets at this stage of growth.

from:  C.p.Chandra das
Posted on: Feb 9, 2012 at 13:07 IST

Mr Narayanamurthy`s observation is very correct and his advise relevant.While the print media generally follow the journalistic ethics most of the time that cannot be said about the electronic media. Media as the pillar of democracy has the primary responsibility to feel proud of its nationality first and then to support the system of democracy.In that,I believe,the democratically elected government deserves to be supported and given positive publicity to the policies, schemes,projects etc.Healthy criticism is needed,no doubt, so that necessary corrective measures can be taken in time by the appropriate authority.But propagating the shortfalls or errors among the public 24x7 does not help anyone. That can create frustration only in the minds of the people.Even a mere allegation against government is 'breaking news' with out verifying its veracity.This does not help democracy.May be good for TRP.

from:  Raju Varghese
Posted on: Feb 9, 2012 at 10:05 IST

What next, Police state? It's funny that people like Mr. Murthy wants to only see happy stories, maybe we can throw some Bollywood songs for him too! A truth is what we need to see, we cannot turn blind and ignore the facts of life. We have to improve and fix the issues, not ignore them or pretend positive stories will change the situation on the ground. Ministers watching porn on the job, women getting raped and stoned everywhere, infants dying due to malnutrition, let’s not report all these facts, because it is going to hurt his company’s image and business outside India. I had respect towards Mr. Murthy, with this comment who stooped to my list of most hated.

from:  Nitin
Posted on: Feb 9, 2012 at 00:22 IST

I wish Narayana Murthy well, but I hope he will look again at the matter of language. The planned international language Esperanto is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. I hope that Narayana Murthy will join in promoting its wider use.

from:  Bill Chapman
Posted on: Feb 8, 2012 at 23:28 IST

A great man who talks and do right. God bless him

from:  kris
Posted on: Feb 8, 2012 at 20:50 IST

How would 'avoiding negative journalism' be any different from, say, 'paid news?' News is what 'is'; it happens, and you report it. Just as it happened. Nothing more, nothing less. Where you use your analyses, biases, opinions, and commentary in general, are in your op-ed pages. This should not be that difficult to understand.

I understand where Sri Narayanamurthy is coming from; his perspective is what it is. However, this paper needs to shed its diffidence, and elevate India to a standard of public discourse that is its own. Not by some Western thought of what journalism ought to be, particularly emanating from a raisin of an island outside of another subcontinent attached on the other side of Asia! Shed your biases, and be what The Hindu stood for some decades ago. Be counted!

from:  Kumar
Posted on: Feb 8, 2012 at 20:32 IST
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