Calling for a more humane approach to People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader Abdul Nasir Maudany, who is an under trial prisoner for alleged involvement in explosions in Banglaluru, the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) has urged the State government to intervene to ensure that he is given proper medical care. In a statement here on Saturday, IUML State general secretary K.P.A. Majeed said that besides Maudany, a number of Muslim youths were in jails in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Gujarat and alleged that the BJP-led Karnataka government had falsely implicated the PDP leader in some cases to put him in jail.

Mr. Majeed’s demand for governmental intervention to help the ailing Maudany comes close on the heals of a call by IUML national leadership, at its meeting held in Kozhikode recently, expressing concern at the plight of Muslims who are in jail in many places in the country as under-trials and complaints by various Muslim organisations, particularly Maudany’s supporters, that the IUML had not done anything to help the PDP leader. “Maudany has been denied proper medical facilities. That amounts to denial of justice. The State government should intervene to ensure he gets proper medical care,’’ Mr. Majeed said.

The IUML leader, however, made it clear that the IUML continued to have sharp ideological differences with both Maudany and his party. ‘‘The IUML has made this point clear. Mr. Maudany has never let go an opportunity to criticise the IUML. However, the IUML wants proper medical care arranged for him since it cannot be a party to denial of constitutional rights.”

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