A group of Maoists held a meeting of tribal families at Vaniyampuzha Adivasi Colony, Munderi, in the Nilambur forests. About 60 Adivasis, including women, attended the meeting held on Sunday evening.

The police and forest authorities learned about the meeting on Tuesday.

Three armed men of the outfit convened the meeting by assuring the Adivasis they were working for their welfare.

The Maoists reportedly called upon the Adivasis to stand united against the exploitation they were suffering at the hands of the authorities.

Seek help of Adivasis

The Maoists said that officials were embezzling the funds being given by the government for the welfare and uplift of the Adivasis. They sought the help of Adivasis to fight the injustice meted out to the tribes.

The armed men reportedly reached the Vaniyampuzha Colony by walking along the fire-line cleared by the forest authorities during the summer. Although the Adivasis were frightened on seeing the armed men, the Maoists behaved very politely with them, said an Adivasi youth refusing to disclose his identity.

On rights and benefits

The Maoists convened a meeting under a shade tree and told them about their rights and benefits due to them.

Two of the men were middle-aged and the third was a youth. The youth spoke in Malayalam when the others spoke in Tamil. They collected rice, sugar and salt from all Adivasi houses.

The police said that the Adivasis gave them about 40 kg rice. Before leaving, the Maoists distributed their pamphlets amongst the Adivasis. They were asked to burn the leaflets soon after reading it.

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