Noted Malayalam film director P. G. Viswambharan died at a hospital here early Wednesday after a brief illness.

Mr. Viswambharan, 63, is survived by wife, son and a daughter.

He was undergoing treatment for abdomen-related problems and his condition deteriorated early this morning.

The end came at 1.20 am, his family said.

Mr. Viswambharan had directed over 60 films. His first film was “Ozhukkinethere” (against the tide) in 1976.

Among his other films are “Sandhyakku Endinu Sindhooram” 1984, Kattukuthira 1990, Vakeel Vasudev 1993, Spodanam and Chakara. The last film he directed was “Puthuram Veetil Unniyarcha”.