He says he has urged the Congress president to take urgent steps to prevent “a total rout of the ruling front” in the Lok Sabha polls.

Government Chief Whip and Kerala Congress (M) leader P.C. George has said that he had written a letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi “urging her to take urgent steps to bring unity in the Congress and the United Democratic Front (UDF) in Kerala to face the impending Lok Sabha election united to prevent a total rout of the ruling front.”

Talking to The Hindu here on Saturday, Mr. George said “the UDF is on the defensive now on the solar scam and other issues.” New revelations on the scam had created suspicion among the people about the stand of Chief Minister Oommen Chandy on the judicial inquiry. Even eminent jurist V.R. Krishna Iyer had come out against such stand on the part of the government. It would affect the UDF in the coming Lok Sabha election, he said.

Asked whether he had demanded Mr. Chandy’s resignation in his letter to Ms. Gandhi, Mr. George said that “those who had leaked out the letter should answer this question. It was unethical to leak out a letter written to a person like her. But I will reveal what I had written to her later, if necessary.”

He said he had written the letter on August 14 and it was delivered to her in Delhi on August 19. Mr. George said he was totally against any judicial inquiry because it would not bring about any concrete action as the government was free to accept it fully or partly, or reject it.

There were many judicial inquiries reports in the State and most of them were not accepted.

He said the LDF was not actually serious about the judicial inquiry into the solar scam. They just wanted to use it against the UDF in the Lok Sabha election, he said.

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