The BJP is also actively on the campaign front, propping up the ‘Modi wave'

In the Alathur (SC) reserved Lok Sabha constituency, all eyes are on the United Democratic Front (UDF) and Left Democratic Front (LDF) camps.

The electorate here is keenly following every move they make, every new strategy they come up with and every single word they utter, for the simple reason that this is increasingly turning out to be a do-or-die battle for both the alliances.

Alathur, where the LDF is well-entrenched, is one of those constituencies were the CPI(M) and the Opposition alliance it leads exude tremendous amount of confidence. But, the challenge thrown up by the UDF is such that there also many who think that the LDF has met its match this election.

On the road

The LDF’s incumbent MP, P.K. Biju, and the UDF’s K.A. Sheeba, hitting the final stage of their campaign, have been on the road more than a week now in their bid to reach out to the largest number of voters within the limited time available to them.

The UDF has been making a strong bid to make inroads into the Left strongholds contending that the incumbent failed to address the development needs of the constituency. The acute water shortage experienced in large parts of Alathur, including on the banks of Bharathapuzha, has come in handy for them. The UDF is also banking on their candidate, who is chairperson of the Chittur-Thatamangalam municipality, bringing in additional votes this time. Ms. Sheeba has struck a chord with women with her campaign, sometimes holding her 10-month old daughter, says UDF campaign manager K. Achuthan.


However, neither the UDF strategy of fielding a woman candidate against him nor its various charges have put any pressure on Mr. Biju and his campaign managers, who cite the several steps taken by the MP to improve the lot of the people in the constituency and solve various problems, including that of drinking water shortage.

The organisational machinery of the CPI (M) in the constituency is also working precision to thwart the UDF bid to break into their strongholds of Alathur, Tarur and Chelakkara.

Campaigners for the UDF are talking about gaining the upper hand in the Chittur, Nemmara and Wadakkancherry Assembly segments, but LDF leaders say that with the SJ(D) faction led by K. Krishnankutty joining them, the LDF will improve its vote share in the Chittur and Nemmara Assembly segments. Although the main focus is on the UDF and LDF candidates, BJP’s Shajumon Vattekkad is also actively in the field. The party had received 58,818 votes in 2009. This time, the BJP leaders are hoping that the ‘Modi wave’ in the country would help them to take on the main rivals in Alathur.


Parties wage war of perception April 6, 2014

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