The Revenue Minister K.P. Rajendran said that the government was committed to make available land to all the landless among the adivassi communities before January 31, 2010.

Inaugurating the district level pattaya mela here on Friday, Mr. Rajendran said those living in encroached government land of 5 cents in area or less, will not be evicted without finding alternate space for them. However, the government will take a firm stand against big time encroachers. “Officials who abet encroaching of government land would also be punished under the same rules,” he said.

The State government plans to hold 30 ‘pattaya melas’ before coming April, Mr. Rajendran said . Even as the district level melas were over, thaluk level melas will be organised to give ownership of land to the landless, he added.

The government has taken the initiative to hold special meetings in Knjirappally thaluk which houses the largest number of adivassis in the district, he said.

According to authorities, 640 persons were made owners of land at the pattayamela and the government has given 35. 31 hectare land for the purpose. V.N. Vasavan MLA presided over the meeting.

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