Chalanam will provide them with an expensive drug free of cost

The Kerala Social Security Mission (KSSM) will implement a project ‘Chalanam’ to help children having cerebral palsy by providing them with a costly drug free of cost for treating chronic spasticity and dystonia.

The project will be implemented under the ongoing ‘Thalolam’ scheme of the department to treat children from financially backward families.

To begin with, 100 eligible children will be identified from various parts of the State and their treatment will be conducted at the nearby medical colleges. A total of Rs.50 lakh will be spent for the initiative, which will provide relief for several children who suffer from acute movement disorders such as unusual muscle tightness, stiffness, or pull of muscles.

Mission Executive Director T.P. Ashraf says the government plans to invest at least Rs.50,000 for every child identified to provide them quality treatment. “The costly drug botulinum toxin, used as a muscle relaxant in cerebral palsy cases, will be given to the screened children after a detailed medical examination.”

The project will initially cover Thiruvananthapuram district. On completion of the trial, children from other districts too will be screened for the project.

“As the drugs for treating spasticity are costly, several low-income families have been finding it hard to go for such options. ‘Chalanam’ will address this concern,” says Dr. Ashraf.

All medical tests required will be offered free of cost for such children before the drug is administered, he says.

Pension scheme

Along with the ‘Chalanam’ project, a pension scheme planned for kidney patients who undergo continuous dialysis too will be implemented through the mission from the coming financial year. People belonging to the Below Poverty Line category will be eligible for the scheme. The selected patient will get a monthly pension of Rs.900.