Thiruvananthapuram-based firm to set up e-toilets at Gulmarg and Affarwat

Electronic Toilets (e-toilets), one of the major innovations of the State in the public health, hygiene, and sanitation sector, will now be seen in the scenic valleys of Jammu and Kashmir too.

Pioneered by Eram Scientific Solutions, the Thiruvananthapuram-based scientific research and development firm, the e-toilets for Jammu & Kashmir have been customised to suit the region’s geographical and sub-zero climatic conditions.

The e-toilets will be installed at Affarwat and Gulmarg, a pressnote issued by the company said.

Affarwat is one of the world’s highest locations accessed by cable car. Skiers use the cable cars to reach a height of 4,390 metres.

In addition to the e-toilets, specifically designed sewage treatment plants would be set up at Dal Lake to address its waste disposal problems.

Chandy to flag off

A container loaded with the e-toilet and sewage treatment plant components will leave Thiruvananthapuram for Jammu and Kashmir on December 10. Chief Minister Oommen Chandy will flag off the consignment from his official residence. Asif Khan, Joint Director, Department of Tourism, J&K, will be present.

The company said military grade equipment had been used in the customised e-toilet model to ensure proper functioning in extreme cold conditions. The modified features include insulation of the mechanical structure with high density thermocol, poly form insulated water tanks to prevent water freezing, anti-freeze solution mixed water for flushing and floor washing, temperature controlled water heater in the plumbing line of health faucet to provide mild hot water, temperature-controlled oom heater, and aero-tape insulations in all plumbing lines.

Eram Scientific has installed over 400 e-toilets in various parts of the country. The firm has tied up with leading technical universities such as the Indian Institute of Science, London School of Economics, National Institute of Design and similar research and development institutions to maximise the efficiency of the unit. It is the recipient of the RTTC (Re-inventing The Toilet Challenge) Grant of Rs.3 crore instituted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.