The State Government is planning a ‘Kerala Retail Mission’ project with the aim of making the State India’s biggest trade hub by the year 2025, Finance Minister T.M. Thomas Isaac has said.

Inaugurating a meeting held in connection with the first death anniversary of P.T. Cherian Palathra, the former president of the All Kerala Gold & Silver Merchants’ Association here on Saturday, Dr. Isaac said the trade sector in the State was finding its movement forward very tough. Keeping the situation in mind, the State was contemplating a Retail Management Institute as well along with the Retail Mission to study and implement the latest and modern trends in the trade sector. The institute would be operated under the aegis of trade organizations, he said.

Stating that these steps were aimed at accelerating the State’s economic growth as well, Dr. Isaac said State and Central Governments over the years had neglected the trade sector despite the crucial role it had to play in the general economy. No Five Year Plan had given deserving consideration to the sector, which was why the State had set aside funds with the objective of changing the situation.

All Kerala Gold & Silver Merchants’ Association State president B. Girirajan presided over while A.A. Shukoor, MLA, inaugurated the Cherian Palathra Foundation. K.C. Venugopal, MP, inaugurated a photo exhibition held on the occasion. R. Nazar, District Panchayat president, and P.P. Chitharanjan, Municipal Chairman, also spoke.

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