Till Supreme Court gives verdict in case

The Kerala Assembly on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution urging the State and Central governments to take steps for retaining the water level in the Mullaperiyar reservoir at 120 feet till a verdict is given in the case pending before the Supreme Court.

The subject was taken up as a private member’s resolution. Water Resources Minister P.J. Joseph moved it as an official resolution with minor modifications, with the support of all the members.

The resolution stated that Kerala would question in the Supreme Court the report of the empowered committee. The State would also take steps to convince the court that its safety concerns could be addressed only by constructing a new dam across the Mullaperiyar.


The resolution said that Tamil Nadu should continue to get the entire quantity of water it had been drawing from the reservoir even while retaining the water level at 120 feet [instead of the current allowed level of 132 feet].

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