CPI(M) led LDF Government in Kerala has opposed the Central Government’s proposed National Food Security Act in its present format, holding that many of the provisions in the act is harmful to the State.

Replying to a calling attention on the matter in the State assembly, Food and Civil Supplies Minister C Divakaran on Wednesday said the decades old ration system under the Public Distribution network would collapse if the proposed act come into force in the present form.

Kerala Government had already informed its objection to the Centre in writing, and the same was conveyed during the recent state Food Ministers meeting in New Delhi, he said.

Rice quota, already cut, would be further reduced and the number of BPL families also would be limited. The 35 kg rice now given to families in BPL category would be reduced to 25 kg under the new act, he pointed out.

The collapse of the PDS would lead to price rise of commodities in the open market, he added.

Under the proposed Act, each BPL family would be entitled by law to get 25 kg of rice or wheat per month at Rs 3 a kg, a promise made by the Congress before 2009 general elections.