The Kerala State Lorry Owners' Federation will not operate inter-State lorry services from Sunday as part of its protest against the high toll rate on highways.

The indefinite strike will hit lorry services from Kerala to Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

K.K. Hamsa, president of the Kerala State Lorry Owners' Federation, said the truck services within the State would not be disrupted. Meanwhile, the federation had expressed solidarity with various lorry owners' associations in nearby States to go ahead with the protest, he said.

Toll collection

He said lorry owners had to spend around Rs.4,000 to pay off various tolls while operating services to Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Mr. Hamsa said the lorry owners in Kerala were, however, free from the toll at various points.

“In Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, toll collection has become unbearable for the operators,” he said.

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