The ongoing struggle by trained nurses seeking better service conditions in different parts of the country was totally justifiable, said Dr Gabriel Mar Gregorios Metropolitan and Prof Philip N. Thomas, president and general secretary respectively of the Kerala Council of Churches.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, the KCC leaders said everybody would agree that the nurses were doing a commendable humanitarian service and the civil society was bound to recognise their role in making individual as well as community life healthier and pleasant.

“It is a fact that the nurses are being exploited in the modern day market-oriented healthcare approach of certain medical and healthcare agencies in the private sector. Lowest salary and maximum workload seems to be the writ of the private managements in general,’’ they said.

The KCC leaders further called upon the hospital managements to publish their wage policy and profit and loss accounts.

They said the KCC has endorsed the struggle of the trained nurses in the private sector and urged the hospital managements to make the service conditions and wages of nurses at par with the Government hospitals and as per the prevailing laws of the land.