The Kanan Devan Hill Plantation Company on Thursday filed three writ petitions in the Kerala High Court challenging the notices issued by the Idukki District Collector to demolish two check-dams on its Letchmi and Chanduvurrai estates and remove an electric fencing erected at its rose plantation in Munnar.

The petition was filed by Deputy General Manger (Administration & Legal) of the company. The petition alleged that the District Collector did not have the power or authority to issue such notices. The petitioner said the bund, which the notices had termed “check-dam,” had been in existence for 70 years on the estate. The check-dam in Chanduvurrai estate was established to supply drinking water to around 750 workers employed in the southern division of the estate. The dam on Letchmi estate was constructed for use of wild animals and for breeding fishes. No water was drawn from this source by the petitioner. It was a “permissible activity” in terms of the agreement.

The petitioner also pointed out that obstruction had been caused to the free flow of water in the dams due to the issue of notices.


The petitioner said the company had been issued notice restraining it from cultivating rose and also erecting fencing on its rose plantation in Kundaly. In the 35 acres of land that formed part of the fuel area, the fuel trees were cut.