The jurist V.R. Krishna Iyer has said that Jesus Christ stood for the poor and that he was against the exploitation of the miserable masses by those in power.

“Long before Karl Marx discovered Communism, Jesus had spoken for the proletariat and condemned the proprietariat,” Mr. Krishna Iyer pointed out in a statement here on Monday.

Jesus had condemned the richest by saying that they had little chance of going to heaven. His parable of the camel and the eye of the needle was vivid enough. He had thrown out the moneylenders near the temple of Jerusalem as theirs was an unbecoming presence in the Kingdom of God. “In his last supper, he washed the feet of his disciples as they were truly human and he himself was a servant of the unfortunate sector of humanity,” Mr. Krishna Iyer noted.

Mr. Iyer's remarks come in the wake of the controversy over the alleged misrepresentation of the painting ‘The Last Supper.' The CPI(M) leadership has disowned the morphed painting.

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