Finance Minister Thomas Issac on Saturday lauded the grama panchayat, saying constructing a bus stand with complex with all basic facilities in place, with constrained resources was a commendable effort.

Instead of limiting the construction work, the local authorities availed a loan of nearly Rs. 1 crore for completing the work. “It is possible to repay the amount in time with the income generated from the business shops in the complex. This project has been realised even without having the resources to do it,” he said.

The minister said that the government is keen on providing funds for completion of the keeling work of the two approach roads to the bus stand. The bus stand is the realisation of a cherished dream of the people of the high range areas. The government will also consider setting aside Rs 1.5 crore development fund for the district in addition to bringing all the government offices under a single umbrella, he said.

The government offices function in rented houses and are scattered here and in Painavu and Thodupuzha.

The two-acre land for the bus stand was donated free of cost in 2000 by farmers and the work was started in 2006. The panchayat authorities hope to use the old bus stand and the new bus stand will be a transit point with long route buses parked there.

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