A meeting of the IPS Officers’ Association held here on Friday reportedly found fault with the manner in which the government had reshuffled the top and middle-level echelons of the State police.

Several officers, who spoke at the meeting, said they felt that the extensive transfers and postings were conducted hastily, without proper application of mind and also in contravention of the spirit of the orders of the Supreme Court and the Central government in this regard.

There were reports that several members of the association were vocal against the Chief Secretary and criticised him for the perceived lapses in the transfers and postings. It was not immediately known whether the Chief Minister or the Home Minister had come in for criticism at the meetings.

The association’s main grievance seemed to be the transfer of a set of officials who had not yet completed the minimum tenure of two years in their present posts. Some of them had barely completed two months at their respective posts when they were assigned to new duties. The association’s view was that such transfers, if necessary, could be affected only after due deliberation and the approval of a civil service board headed by the Chief Secretary.

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