The Deputy Director of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve K. Vijayanandan in a statement here on Friday has said that a joint perambulation of officials of Anamalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu and Parambikulam Tiger Reserve in Kerala was held on Thursday to discuss various inter state protection issues.

During the joint border patrolling, the Field Director and Staffs of Anamalai Tiger Reserve and the Deputy Director and staffs of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve inspected the border areas sharing of Anamalai – Parambikulam Tiger Reserve like Keerappady, Koochumudi, Bagapallam and Veetiyar.

“Both sides planned to have inter-state joint inspection very frequently to strengthen anti poaching activities and wild life monitoring regularly since both the tiger reserves is sharing common landscape. During the visit the officials have also discussed the best practices of Eco development and Ecotourism activities implemented in Parambikulam Reserve. This really encouraged the frontline staff on the both side and provides very cordial relationship for strengthening anti poaching activities and other protection issues”, Mr. Vijayanandan said.