Minister for Rural Development and Culture K.C. Joseph has said that one cannot discount the possibility of information on the Chief Minister’s programmes being leaked out by those in the constabulary, who have lined up behind the CPI(M).

Speaking to media persons here on Tuesday, Mr. Joseph said it had come to the notice of the authorities that the CPI(M) could carry out their black flag agitation successfully on many occasion because of the information they had received regarding the details of Chief Minister’s routes and other plans.

‘‘That the police association could not hold their elections in Kannur points to the extend of politicisation,’’ he said and added that it was an open knowledge that the CPI(M) had its party fraction in the police force.

Act of despair

The attack on the person of the Chief Minister was an act of extreme despair on the part of CPI(M) activists who were demoralised by the repeated failure of agitations launched by the party leaders, Mr. Joseph said.

The speeches by CPI(M) leaders on the occasion had poured oil in the already inflammable situation.

Violent mob

‘‘What we had faced, was a highly unruly and violent mob,’’ said Mr. Joseph, who was present along with the Chief Minister in the car when stones were thrown at him.

The attack on the Chief Minister was a clear pointer to the fact that the CPI(M) was no longer in control of the agitation they had launched, he said asking the leaders to call off the campaign.

He asked CPI(M) general secretary Pinarayi Vijayan to own up the responsibility for the attack against the elected head of the government of the State.

The statements by the CPI(M) leaders before the occurrence of the Kannur issue gave a clear indication that the party had an agenda behind it, he said.

The Minister hoped that the party would now show the maturity to stay confined to democratic models while charting out strategies for agitation.

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