Indian Science is poised for quantum leap in the coming decades through the commendable achievements in “strategic” sectors of the science, according to Prof (Dr) M. Vijayan, President, Indian National Science Academy (INSA).

He was talking to the research scholars of Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) on the performance, promises and problems of Indian Science.

The developed countries have now started discussing the name of India as a force to be reckoned in science. Thanks to the sanctions imposed by them during the initial post independent days, India was insulated from the know-how for basic science research as well as heavy industries. The foresightedness of the Indian political leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, who stood for the advancement of indigenous strongholds in research, technology and industry is paying rich dividends.

Government is giving added thrust to basic sciences now. But autonomy to research institutions is mandatory for attracting and retaining talents. Bureaucratic meddling should also be minimized, said Dr. Vijayan.

MGU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Rajan Gurukkal presented a memento to Dr. Vijayan. Dr. N.V. Unnikrishnan, Dr C.S. Sudarsankumar and G. Sreekumar spoke.