The Union Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor has said that “India has no intension to destabilise Pakistan as we want a strong and stable neighbor.”

Talking to media persons here on Thursday he said India wanted Pakistan to take strong action to curb terrorist activities from their soil.

India wants strong action against those who are hiding in Pakistan after engaging in terrorist activities in India. It is the duty of Pakistan to bring them to book and ensure that their soil is not used for such purposes.

If Pakistan proves that they are taking strong action against terrorists operating from their soil against India, we can go for normalising relations with them, he said.

Mr. Tharoor said there is no basis for the allegation that India is supporting the Taliban against Pakistan. It is most absurd to say that India is helping the Taliban against Pakistan, he said.

Answering a question on the Indo-China border disputes Mr. Tharoor said that the border dispute between the two countries has existed since 1962. But talks are going on to resolve it peacefully. At the same time, there is growing co-operation between these two Asian powers in the field of economy, trade, commerce and culture, he said.

On the recent international media hype on Indo-China border disputes, he said that there is no evidence so far to suggest that there is a conspiracy to spoil the good relationship between the two neighbours by some vested interests.