The Union government has enhanced the family income limit for scholarships offered to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe students of the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management-Kerala (IIITMK) here to Rs.4.5 lakh a year.

The government has chosen the IIITMK for promoting meritorious SC/ST students to pursue higher studies. Accordingly, it has been offering ten scholarships to SC and five to ST students securing admission to Master of Science programme in Information Technology. Earlier, the scholarships were being offered to students with family income from all sources not exceeding Rs. 2 lakh. The scholarships cover full fee and other non-refundable charges and lodging and boarding charges at Rs.2,220 a month besides Rs.3,000 a year for books and stationery and a lap top costing Rs.45,000.

The IIITMK is offering State government-funded scholarships at Rs.8,000 a month to general category and SC and ST students under Special Postgraduate Education Expansion Drive in IT (SPEED-IT) for M.Sc. courses in Information Technology, Geoinformatics and Computational Sciences and M. Phil. programme in Ecological Informatics.

Admission to the Master of Science in Information Technology programme at IIITMK is currently on. Detailed information is available at:

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