The Indian Institute of Management-Kozhikode (IIM-K) will shortly have a museum of Indian business history.

This museum will house business-related historical artefacts, objects, sculptures, models, photographs, documents and illustrations. “It would be a unique initiative and a significant step in acknowledging the contribution of India's business leaders in the making of corporate India,” a spokesman of the B school said here on Wednesday while announcing the decision to set up the museum. 

“The objective behind the museum is to inspire aspiring business entrepreneurs in the country and show them the path to success through innovative ideas, diligence and perseverance,” he said. He said the business scene in the country was rapidly undergoing change from what it had been in the pre-liberalisation days when the nation was a victim of trade barriers and restricted trade policy.

The IIM-K has requested around 100 CEOs and leaders of major business houses, including Tatas, Ambanis and Birlas for their generous contribution to make the museum project a success. The institute would formally open the museum on its foundation day in 2011. The initial investment for this project would be around Rs.1 crore.

IIM-K Director Debashis Chatterjee said ‘‘acknowledging the landmark achievements that have been scored by esteemed corporate managements over the past several decades and the invaluable contributions that have been given to our country, it is our earnest wish that these corporate managements participate in the making of this museum by contributing some significant historical objects and artefacts for which due acknowledgement will be attributed to the organisation. It is our endeavour to consolidate and conserve the rare treasure of India's invaluable wealth, the memorabilia of Indian business history for our posterity.''

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